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African Union - Sixth Region Diaspora Caucus/New York (SRDC/NY)

Lumumba Grant
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Lumumba Grant discusses

Why he would like to be a Representative for New York as a Diaspora Representative

For the Afrikan Union’s 6th Region Representing New York


I would like to be one of the representatives from New York as a part of the Sixth Region, to the Afrikan Union for several reasons. Firstly, since the Afrikan Union is said to be a linear descendant of the Afrikan Union, I feel that a glaring error was made by some OAU representatives earlier and may have contributed to its’ downfall. Consequently, dedicated minds and patriotic souls could play a decisive role in forestalling and preventing the re-colonization of Afrika and the stifling and growth of Afrikan People in the Diaspora. However, I must admit, my principal interest is to observe and witness the Afrikan patriots creating and implementing a plan for the maximum use of the talents and skills, of brothers and sisters in the Diaspora, whoever may be the representative from the Sixth Region, in general, or from New York, in particular.


Secondly, I have read and observed at various international forums, the thoughts and aspirations of the Pan-Afrikan Nationalist participants which are rarely heard or if heard given a short and obscure evaluation and hearing. But the Pan-Afrikan Nationalist philosophy and program represents the scientific response for the continental and Diaspora Afrikan. And I feel that I can express and help in the planning and implementation of those programs, in words and songs.


Finally, my involvement in the Black Nationalist Movement since I graduated from high school in the south, came to New York to attend school and live have prepared me to assist in the endeavors and planned activities of the Afrikan Union. And my affiliation with such figures as the renowned street speakers, like Arthur Reid, Malcolm X, and educators such as the Black Psychologist, Dr. Amos Wilson, and my attendance at the United Nations Conference for one week on the topic of “Sustainable Development”, coupled with my one week attendance in Barbados for the conference on Afrikan and Afrikan Descendants World Conference against Racism, have given me an insight into the predicament and aspirations of Afrikan People on the Continent and in the Diaspora.