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African Union - Sixth Region Diaspora Caucus/New York (SRDC/NY)

Ras E.S.P. Mc Pherson
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Message, concerns  and interests are Highlighted

From Ras Mcpherson who is very active within the Repatriation Movement and champions duel citizenship for Afrikans in the Diaspora


Ras is an AU Representative 6th Region for New York


He is very active within The Repatriation Movement


His concerns are Repatriation, duel citizenship and respect and civil rights for those in the Diaspora who have already repatriated




Welcome and Greetings to Our readership. 


Historically, South Africa is a repository to the earliest Africanist movements, the early Garveyite movement in South Africa, and, the Rastafari Movement – inheritors of the Garveyite Race First Pan-Africanist liberation and development Agenda.


Our appendices, furthers the focus upon the Pan-African, Ethio-Rastafari Agenda promulgated throughout this work.  And thus, Our focus highlights the launching of the ANC Archives, March 17, 1996; the launching of the African Renaissance (Institute), October 11, 1999; the profound significance of the Durban Declaration, September 8, 2001, and the Summit on Sustainable Development, Durban, August 26, 2004-September 4, 2002.


The Organization for African Unity (OAU). 

This historic institution which represents the highest stage of Pan-African Constitutional life (May 23, 1963) has evolved to become the African Union (AU).


The AU will have to convene a special meeting to resolute: the comprehensive implementation of dual citizenship, in Africa and throughout the African Diaspora.  Over time, the AU will have to address, facilitate and bring to fruition the international Repatriation with Reparations movement of Africans – in their respective loci – to respective points on the Continent. 


Here, it would be appropriate to dam the non-recognition of this Repatriation with Reparations program by westerners, Europeans/the Euro-Americans, e. g. at the Durban Conference;  and further dam, the recent letter from the Queen of England, Secretary, sent to the Public Defender, addressed to the Jamaican Rastafari Community, for refusing to acknowledge that restitution/repatriation is due for slavery.


 In both instance, they the Europeans - have acknowledged that slavery is a crime against humanity/“was barbaric/ uncivilized.” Yet, they have done so with no reparations/ repatriation rights acknowledged/granted.


Within the AU rests the greatest supra-national hope for Our Continent of Africa and Africans – at large to inite [unite] and to arise pro-actively!


The mandated actions and resolutions of the newly formed Pan African Parliament (PAP), is the key to the international reclaims of Our African/Ethiopian “Sovereignty,” and a paradigm-shift to a new education shaped/centered around a Pan-African historiography, world view and strategy of ongoing development: “local collective self reliance.” 


It will be a New Earth when every African formation fully realizes that there is a seat for all of Us at the AU Pan African Parliament.  While the undemocratic nature of the UN and especially the United Nation Security Council, becomes more unmasked the importance of the AU will be more relevant to the lives of Africans/African nations. The AU will become increasingly highly appreciated, embraced and utilized.  As We collectively march into this new century/millennium the AU and its supporting regional bodies (ESA, ECOWAS, COMESA, SADACC) will be the central recurring decimal in international relations between governments, world forums, international organizations, and humanitarian/environmental organizations as the UN, the Arab League, ACP, CARICOM, OAS, the International Red Cross, etc.  The AU in consort with these governments and agencies will have to combat and conquer the pandemic of A.I.D.S. throughout the continent of African/among Africans internationally. 


As Africa (and Africans) and our ongoing development becomes more pronounced and ordered, there will be a reversal of the contradiction of the richest Continent: Africa, has been the poorest – via forced underdevelopment. 


 To Our readership, travel on with a sip from this scholarship and philosophy of “Rastaology,” the total study of A People….  [We further urge Our readership to get the Digitized Audio-Book/CD of this work.]



   Give thanks and praises.