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African Union - Sixth Region Diaspora Caucus/New York (SRDC/NY)

The New York African Union 6th Region New York, Town Hall Gathering
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The New York Town Hall Gathering
January 15, 2007
The PAOC Report

Marcus Garvey, Dr. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and a host of other Black legends all acknowledged that in order for Blacks worldwide to change the paradigm of disrespect and exploitation we face daily, Africans in the Diaspora and the continent had to find effective ways to re-connect and work toward the unification of the continent into a giant country. That Union of African States would have the leverage in international relations to change for the better how Africans see themselves and how Africans are seen.

The African Union, the current all-African body that is establishing itself to speak for, negotiate for and work for such African unification, has invited the Diaspora to join that process as voting members with 53 continental African countries in order to move as quickly as possible toward that future. We, in the Diaspora, must organize ourselves in an unprecedented way in order to accept that invitation. The process of Diasporan organization--from the community-based and grass roots levels to the Black intellectual and well-heeled levels--is underway. In every state in the USA, the move is on to conduct widely publicized Town Hall gatherings to educate Black folk on what this invitation means, to elect a Community Council of Elders, and to begin to nominate experienced Black activists to be elected African Union Representatives. This is very serious business

On January 6th, at White Rock Baptist Church in Harlem, from 2 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., New York held its Town Hall meeting. A coalition of community-based (civil society) groups, led by the Ghana Nkwanta Project organization, publicized the gathering for two months via the Internet, phone calls, newspaper columns, radio broadcasts, flyers, word-of-mouth, etc.

For over five hours representatives from the Pan Afrikan Organizing Committee and WHADN (Western Hemispheric African Diasporan Network) dialogued with regular community residents and members of various Black-oriented groups such as the African National Pioneer Movement, the UNIA-ACL., the Black Panther Party, the Nation of Islam, from all five boroughs, and from both upstate and central New York (and Maryland). The Kuumba Reporter was there (bringing in Harambee Radio) as was the New York Beacon.

After and during a consistently lively discussion, a set of Minimum Qualifications for the Community Council of Elders was agreed upon through African consensus, then a fifteen-member CCOE was immediately elected, a set of Minimum Qualifications for New York's African Representatives was agreed upon, and 25 people from all over New York were nominated. It was agreed that on January 27th, the CCOE would meet again and finish planning out the rest of the process. Anyone who wants to nominate himself/herself or someone else from New York should get in touch with Sister Adunni at (718-448-8490), or Brother Ali at (917-748-7130) by or before January 27th.


The meeting on January 27th will establish a firm date for the community Caucus at which 2 New York AU Representatives will be elected, plus up to 6 Observers (most probably February 24, 2007). A letter will be sent out by the CCOE to each nominee to submit resume material which demonstrates compliance with the Minimum Qualifications agreed upon at the Town Hall gathering, and the CCOE will prepare an Election Ballot for the Caucus based on that submitted information. The Black community coalition that coordinated and hosted this successful gathering needs to be congratulated for a job very well done. New York is in the house. So is California. So are
the Central American States. Maryland is on the way. So is Washington state and Oregon. South Carolina and Texas are moving. Brazil is on the way. Canada is on the way. Are you moving ahead on this project in your state or area of the Diaspora? Do not miss this train !!

Forward Ever, Backward Never.